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Providing great insights

We are a group of writers who love bikes and getting out there on our own two wheel friends. We have a vast amount of experience in many different aspects of the cycling industry and we would like to share that with the readers here at onyourbikehire.co.nz

Long-term availability

We know it can be hard to source unbiased infromation from your biking websites. Quite often websited for biking feature the bike that pays them the most. This is not what we intend to do. We write about the best bikes WE thing do the job; whether that be for around town or in the country. And if you think there is something that we should cover, then please drop us a line, likewise if you would like information on something we have featured or written about on this site.


We acknowledge the fact that having a constant long-term source of information enables you to stay encouraged and motivated, so we are looking at this as a long term project. We will keep sourcing the latest and the greatest from the cycling world and we hope this will keep you coming back for more.